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Mixer Grinder

A grinder-mixer is a portable mill that combines the mixing and grinding

 operations. Grinding of ingredients generally improves feed digestibility, acceptability, mixing properties and pelletability.

Key Features

  • 750w Powerful Motor

  • Super Speed

  • Energy Efficient Motor

  • More Power

  • Lower consumption of Electricity

  • Smooth Running

  • Quality Performance

  • Long Life Mixer

  • Unbreakable & Food Grade

  • Poly Carbonate Lid

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  • Copper is stronger than aluminium. It expands less and requires less inspection and maintenance. Transformers with copper windings can be less expensive to customer because they're smaller. Reducing the cost of the magnetic steel, tank and oil needed to achieve the specified energy performance.


  • Input Power: 750 Watt, Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz, Current: 0.95 – 1.1 A, Speed: 16500 - 20000 rpm (3 speed), Rating: 30 Minutes, Insulation: Class B

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